Butter knife standing on it's own

This project started as something completely different. I just happened to find this product in the process. I was trying to solve another problem in the kitchen involving knives and then the problem with messiness came up. After trying many different concepts my colleagues at Bosign and I came up with this shape that has the intrinsic function of keeping the blade from touching the surface its standing on.

Design: Harald Hynell

Check the butter knife out at Bosign.




Ipad Stand made for Cooking

An iPad stand cast in solid food grade silicone. Made to withstand the messiness of a kitchen. The inherent anti slip properties of the silicone creates a stable platform for the iPad laying down on top of the stand. Or standing in landscape or portrait mode depending on application.

The Ipad stand fits all iPad models

The Ipad stand fits all iPad models including iPad mini and most other tablets on the market.The iPad stand was awarded 'KitchenInnovation of the Year 2013' at the world's leading consumer-goods fair.
‘Kitchen Innovation of the Year’ is an annual consumer product distinction awarded by the independent initiative ‘Life Care – Better Living’.
Loved by the Kitchen Innovation consumer panel as well as the expert jury for the best product Design, Innovation, Ecology and Material quality. 

Design: Harald Hynell




See more iPad stands and buy at Bosign. 

Or get one at Peter´s of Kensington

About Bosign:

"Bosign are probably best known for whole-heartedly embracing new technology…quite literally.

This tech-savvy Swedish design company essentially makes gadgets for our gadgets: pillows for iPads and lap trays for laptops, all with a minimalist look but maximum design advantage.

Take the Tablet Cookbook Stand for instance. There’s been an explosion of iPhone and Android apps based on cooking (as well as cooking magazines and books) in recent years; so many home chefs have turned to digital recipes. But how to read a recipe step-by-step when your iPad or tablet computer is lying flat on the kitchen bench? The Tablet Cookbook Stand gets your tablet off the table and into plain sight, and while it might be painful for some to part with a traditional cookbook, you have to admit that having millions of recipes on one device before you is pretty awesome!

Made from food safe and non-slip silicone, the Tablet Cookbook Stand allows you to rest your tablet computer in one of three viewing positions: screen up, horizontally, or vertically, to get the best screen orientation for the task at hand.

Trust the Swedish to come up with something so handy!"

Said about Tablet Stand in italian.

Ipad Pillow for Stable Support

The inner core of the iPad pillow is the bean bag with all it's stable and flexible properties. Around this inner bean bag is a wedge shaped pillow case with two sides. One side for an upright viewing position and another side for a postition with a lower angle for more active iPad "duty" like typing or gaming. Each side has a small packet and an anti-slip print to keep the iPad in place.


Ipad Pillow for Typing and Viewing

If you want to use both hands for typing, the iPad pillow keeps your iPad or tablet PC in the right position without you having to hold it. If you watch a movie, you can put your hands behind your head and just enjoy; the tablet stays in a perfect watching angle on your lap.


The iPad pillow can hold the tablet in either a horizontal or vertical position. 

The iPad pillow features a pocket on the side for storage. 


The outer case of the iPad pillow can be removed and washed.



Design: Amelia Chong. Harald Hynell


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Laptop Pillow with a self cooling design

The laptop pillow is a shapeable pillow on which the laptop rests securely. Even when tilted.

The laptop pillow features 6 silicone spherical surfaces that create an air gap underneiht the lap top. This allows air to flow freely to cool down the laptop.

Laptop Pillow That Protects Your Legs

The laptop pillow is filled with a large number of small foam spheres that forms a stable platform that isolates your legs from a hot laptop. A bean bag for your laptop.

One Laptop Pillow. Many Colors

The laptop pillow comes in a number of colors and fabrics. Cotton and synthetic with an anti-slip silicone print.

The pillow case is removable and washable. The laptop pillow is patented.

Design: Harald Hynell


You can also get a SurfPillow at:





Protect your purse from theft and dirt with the purse hanger.

The purse hanger is made in one solid piece of metal with a tip of anti-slip silicon what gives the purse hanger a super grip on the table surface. Hang the purse hanger on the out side of your purse for convenient access or as a detail in your over all out fit.

Design: Amelia Chong. Harald Hynell

See more purse hangers or buy.


Purse hanger with clip

Keep your purse off the ground and in sight. With the purse hanger your purse can rest on the edge of the table for easy and safe access. 

Bosigns lap trays comes in many shapes and forms. Here is Lap Tray Mini in wood and green.

With this series of lap trays you can have breakfast in bed, dinner on the couch or surf the Internet from your favorite armchair. The lap trays creates a stable surface for your laptop, whether you have it in your lap, in bed or on the couch. With the shapeable pillow you can decide the angle of the tray yourself. 


Lay Trays for Lap Tops and More 

The tray and pillow together effectively disperse the heat from your computer. 

It is also a perfect drawing/reading tray for the children or for use as a small table. 


Lap trays in wood is delivered in a nice gift package. 
The pillow cover can be easily removed and washed.
The tray and pillow come in several different colors. 

Design: Harald Hynell


See more lap trays and buy or for more color combinations.





The Moose Head Hanger is a hanger made of cast metall. Sturdy enough to hang heavy coats on. Or just hang on the wall as a dekoration.

I spent my first part of life in Värmland, a part of Sweden close to Norway, with vast forests with a lot of wild life. In those day mostly moose, but today also wolf and bear. And less moose as wolfs like to hunt moose. Before the wolfs came man did all the hunting and I spent a lot of time hunting moose with my father. These days I don't hunt so much but I still like the look of a moose trophy on the wall. 

When I sat down with the clay (my favorit clay is a clay from Kolb) to model a moose head I realised how much  this animal had made an impression on me. An old part of my life came back in the form of a ... hanger.


Moose Head Hanger in Cast Metall

The hanger is made of strong casted zink to withstand all the tensions created when hanging heavy bags and  coats on the moose head. Maybe all that will be hanging in the horns are keys, but the moose head is made for the worst case scenarios. 



Moose Head Hanger as Not a Hanger

Why don't let the moose head hang on the wall just as a decoration. It's black or white appearance lends itself as a graphical detail in a room.


Where can you get one of these Moose Head Hangers?

Get a Moose Head Hanger  at Bosign.se

Inflatable footbath

An Inflatable Foot Bath Easy to Store

Most foot baths are to big to store in a bathroom and ends up in the basement or in a closet filled with other stuff you don't know what to do with. But an inflatable foot bath is very small when not inflated and fits in any bathroom. Or why don't bring it along on weary trips and finish the day with a soothing foot bath. 


A Foot Bath Soft on Your Feet.

The inflated foot bath has no hard edges that could intereupt a relaxing foot bath.  And all the air keeps the water at your desired temperature longer.


Get an Inflatable Foot Bath

The inflatable foot bath can be found at: